Green Pond/Boston Mine Shorter Loop from Route 106

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes the historic Boston Mine and pristine Green Pond.

41.234516, -74.148972

From the parking area, cross the road and bear left onto the White Bar Trail, blazed with white horizontal rectangles. The trail parallels the road for about 500 feet, then turns right, crosses a stream on a metal culvert, and continues on a woods road. A short distance beyond, it bears right at a fork, crosses a stream on rocks, and continues along a grassy woods road. 

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September 04, 2016
across the road
Did this hike today, a nice trail and some good sites. Ran into hikers that stayed in the parking lot trail. This trail is across the street of the parking lot. I see where the other hiker made her mistake. I followed other hikers and realized they were going elsewhere. overall nice and quick.
November 11, 2014
Directions are great. I'm a ditz.
Nice hike, great directions. I made the mistake of thinking I had already turned right onto the white Nurian trail after the lake and went left downhill. BIG MISTAKE. I don't know why I kept going, but I said to myself, there is no way this is an easy hike. Scrambling down boulders, etc. Finally I realized I was being stupid and turned around only to realize how far downhill I had ventured. Hiking back up was really hard for me as I'm out of shape and had my two chihuahuas with me but it was manageable.  Anyway, since I knew where I made my mistake finding my way back was easy and finding the right path was fine.  Lesson....if you start to think you're going in the wrong direction, stop and think instead of plowing ahead like you know where you're going! :)
October 13, 2014
Perfect for first-timers
My wife and I live in NYC and are both around 50. Our fitness habits have, in all honesty, been confined to walking to and from the bus to head to work. It doesn't help that living in NYC it is utterly impossible to get any peace and quiet at all - none. Nor is there anyplace close enough to which we can walk or bike. So we are either to be shut-ins for the rest of our lives or we have to drive somewhere to get the quiet we desperately crave. Hiking seemed a great way to restore both our inner peace and our fitness. We chose this trail as our first hiking experience and it was absolutely perfect for several reasons. One, it taught us that the proper equipment, while minimal, isn't optional if you're going to take a hike, no matter how short. Having a good pair of hiking boots is of the utmost importance. I did, but my wife didn't and her feet suffered somewhat towards the end of the trail. Second, bring food and water with you, no matter how short the route. We didn't, and although we didn't suffer as a result, the hike would have been more enjoyable if we had been able to stop for lunch. Fortunately, it was a cool fall day and neither of us found ourselves perspiring and wishing for a drink. Finally, spend a minute learning to read the trail signs, lest you begin scratching your head the minute you encounter the first marker and wonder whether to go left, right or straight ahead - or go back to the car and head home. It would be presumptuous of me as a neophyte to offer further tips on what is or what isn't important in hiking. So I'll leave my advice at that and just say that if you are a first-timer, keep them in mind. We thoroughly enjoyed this hike and are absolutely certain it will become our new hobby. For the out-of-shape, it offers just enough of a challenge to make you feel that you're getting some excercise (you are) while at the same time not discouraging you with terrain that is beyond your capacity. It is picturescque, at all times, and especially so walking down Island Pond Road, around Green Pond and near the beginning, which is so lushly green with moss in spots that it seems as if you've stepped into a Lord of The Rings film. The route took us 3'53", but only because we weren't paying close attention to the trail markers and had to backtrack several times. In the end, we left feeling tired but mentally refreshed. And that is precisely what we set out to achieve. Much thanks to those who maintain these trails.  
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