Green Pond/Boston Mine Shorter Loop from Route 106

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin Boston Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes the historic Boston Mine and pristine Green Pond.

41.234516, -74.148972

From the parking area, cross to the north side of the road and bear left on the White Bar Trail, blazed with white horizontal rectangles. The White Bar Trail parallels the road for about 500 feet, then turns right and crosses a stream on a metal culvert. A short distance beyond, it bears right at a fork (the road that goes off to the left will be your return route) and continues ahead on a...

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Trail Maintainer | Ramapo Valley County Reservation
Trail Maintainer | Ringwood State Park

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September 04, 2016
Did this hike today, a nice trail and some good sites. Ran into hikers that stayed in the parking lot trail. This trail is across the street of the parking lot.
kalex12's picture
November 11, 2014
Nice hike, great directions. I made the mistake of thinking I had already turned right onto the white Nurian trail after the lake and went left downhill. BIG MISTAKE.
aimdbest's picture
October 13, 2014
My wife and I live in NYC and are both around 50. Our fitness habits have, in all honesty, been confined to walking to and from the bus to head to work.
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