West Mountain (Timp-Torne/A.T. and Beechy Bottom Road)...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

This loop hike climbs to the ridge of West Mountain, passing several expansive viewpoints over the Hudson River and the surrounding hills.

41.297598, -74.027274

From the parking area, walk back along the entrance road until you reach a gravel road on the right blocked off with a gate. Turn right and follow this road, marked with the white blazes of the Anthony Wayne Trail. Bear right at the next fork and continue uphill, proceeding ahead across a four-way intersection.

When you reach a T-intersection, turn left. Then, in 25 feet, you'll notice...

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September 15, 2016
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June 24, 2016

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September 07, 2016
absolutely--i think when you do any hike in winter and there is ice one would bring trekking poles and traction aids like microspikes ...
banjolady's picture
January 17, 2012
All very good points, Daniel.  It could definitely have been the presence of increased ice and the winter temperatures which were influencing my feelings out there on the trail.  All I can do is keep
Purple Octopus's picture
Purple Octopus
January 17, 2012
Any hike rating is quite subjective.  What might be "strenuous" to one hiker could be considered "easy" by another.  I remember how, a few weeks after I suffered a back injury two years ago, I decided
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Daniel Chazin
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