Lake Sonoma/Overlook Rock/Manaticut Point Short Loop...

Norvin Green State Forest

Lake Sonoma - Photo by Daniel Chazin Lake Sonoma - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike goes by Lake Sonoma and climbs to Overlook Rock and several other panoramic viewpoints.

41.091128, -74.320867

To the left of the boulder, you'll notice a triple black-square-on-yellow blaze that marks the start of the Manaticut Point Spur Trail. Head into the woods on this trail. Soon, you'll cross two branches of a stream on rocks, with several abandoned sections of concrete pipe adjacent to the stream, and pass by a huge fractured rock.

After crossing another stream below an interesting...

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September 28, 2016
Bear Right at the Four Yellow Blazes
My wife and I much enjoyed this hike on a sunny September day.  We found the driving directions and the trail description to be quite accurate.  The trail head is easy to spot and there is plenty of parking space on this unbuilt section of residential road.  This is a moderate hike, with a few minor steeps and some rocky spots, but my inexperienced spouse handled all with no trouble. We caution others to pay close attention at the split in the yellow blaze trail.  You will see four blazes as described, one pair indicating left and the other indicating a right turn.  We did note that subsequent single blazes for the right hand trail are not easy to spot and the trail in that direction was not very well worn, either.  However, if you pay close attention and follow the right hand footpath, you'll be rewarded soon enough with a nice view of Lake Sonoma.  On the return loop, we met a family that started their hike in the mid-afternoon and they missed this turn, ending up following this hike in reverse - hope they got out before dark. We were also thankful for the warning from a friendly hiker of a mother bear and her cub being in the vicinity.  We did not spot any bear, but we were a bit bothered by a large barking dog that appeared at the top of an adjacent slope where the park must border private property. The best part of this hike was the view from Overlook Rock - a view of green hills near and far barely spoiled by only a hint of a few scattered residential roofs. We look forward to hiking this loop again when the various streams and the cascade are running.
August 28, 2015
Hike has been updated
The hike has been updated to include the recent reroute of the eastern end of the Manaticut Point Trail, which you describe in your comment.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
Daniel Chazin
August 24, 2015
It appears that the Yellow trail got re-routed
Heading east on the Yellow trail (Manaticut Point Trail) from Manaticut Point back toward Crescent Drive, the trail now re-joins the its "northern branch" about 1/3 mile away from the trailhead rather than dropping down to Crescent Drive.   So if you're following the above route description, be aware that about 1/3 mile from the trailhead, you'll come to a place that the Yellow Trail splits.  To follow this loop counter-clockwise, you need to stay right at the fork.    I hope this makes sense.    Although it's hot today, this trail is mostly shady.  But the only water is at Lake Sonoma.  Doggie and got home with no ticks - at least none that I've found so far!
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