Millstone/Yellow/Old Guard Loop to 996' Viewpoint

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

This loop hike traverses several historic Scout trails, climbs to panoramic viewpoints, and follows a picturesque stream.

41.047479, -74.251313

From the parking area, cross Skyline Drive. You will see a triple orange blaze on a tree (along with yellow and white blazes for two other trails). The triple orange blaze marks the start of the Schuber Trail. Turn right onto the gravel road that leads into Camp Tamarack, then immediately turn left and follow the orange blazes downhill on a winding footpath. At the base of the descent, turn...

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June 10, 2018
Old Guard Trail is overgrown again
These directions are great, but as of June 4, 2018 the Old Guard Trail is very overgrown and some of the blaze markers are hard to see. Be very careful in following the directions and make sure you are constantly seeing the blazes as you go.
December 31, 2014
Old Guard Trail is now in excellent condition
I did this hike yesterday (December 30, 2014) and found the Old Guard Trail to be in excellent condition.  It seems that significant maintenance has been done on this trail since last June, and all of the blowdowns have been removed.  The Old Guard Trail is not extensively used, but it is a very interesting loop around a relatively remote area of Camp Glen Gray.
Daniel Chazin
June 07, 2014
Old Guard Trail Maintenance Needed
Did this hike yesterday (June 6, 2014).  Great hike, good directions and well blazed.  But The Old Guard Trail really needs some attention.  Very overgrown, lots of blowdowns that obscure where the trail even goes.  If not for the (thankfully) great blazing, we'd have been wandering all over looking for the trail.  Either it's just not used that much or it's been relegated to lower priority on trail maintenance lists.   Only established in 2008 by the NJ/NJ TC, it's a great trail otherwise, but needs a lot of TLC or just more traffic!
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