Race Brook Falls to Mount Race on the Appalachian Trail

Mount Washington State Forest

Upper Falls at Race Brook Falls - Mount Washington State Forest - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff Upper Falls at Race Brook Falls - Mount Washington State Forest - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff

Ascend through the peaceful forests surrounding beautiful Race Brook Falls to arrive at the summit of Mount Race for a half-mile long ridge section with spectacular panoramic views.

42.089478, -73.411248

From the center of the parking area follow a path away from the road towards a kiosk.  Sign the trail register then turn around to find a post marking the trailhead of the Race Brook Falls Trail, which will be blazed with both blue rectangles and blue triangles.  Turns are often marked by a triangle on its side pointing in the direction of the turn.  Pay close attention to the placement of the...

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February 28, 2013
Sages Ravine
Sorry about that.  I apparently got my north and south mixed up and you are correct.  Thanks for pointing that out, William.  I will make the correction.
Daniela Wagstaff
February 28, 2013
Sages Ravine
I'm confused. Daniela says "If a 14-mile hike is desired, keep heading NORTH descending from Mt. Race into the wild and beautiful Sages Ravine". My review of the map shows Sages Ravine SOUTH of Mt. Race.
October 10, 2011
Perfect Fall Day!
My teens and I did this hike this past weekend for my daughter's birthday.  The weather was great!  The falls and brook were flowing nicely and the water was amazingly clear.  Leaves have begun to change colors and some have already fallen, but fortunately, the "crunch" of hiking through them wasn't too bad.  My daughter doesn't like that sound for some reason.  The views from Mt. Race were very nice.  We were happy that our hike back was mostly down hill and were amazed many times to realize what we had hiked up earlier that day.  As usual, we didn't complete the hike in the amount of time suggested it should take.  It took us about 6 1/2 hours. This looks like a pretty popular hike on the weekend, so arriving early provides the best chance of getting a parking space without needing to get creative about it. We stayed at Copake Falls Taconic State Park campgrounds.  Surprisingly, the campground was full for the weekend, but with hunters and families, so we had a good experience.  It was a nice change from the party crowd we had experienced earlier this summer.  The campground is only 15 miles away from the trail head for this hike.
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