Schunemunk Mountain Loop from Taylor Road via Dark...

Schunemunk State Park (Schunnemunk State Park)

Along the ridge of Schunemunk Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin Along the ridge of Schunemunk Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs about 1,500 feet to reach a ridge composed of unusual conglomerate rock, with many viewpoints from open rock ledges dotted with pitch pines.

41.407553, -74.081725

From the parking area, cross the road and proceed south on the joint Jessup (yellow), Sweet Clover (white) and Highlands (teal diamond) Trails, which climb gently through a field and then descend to a woods road. To the right, you can see Schunemunk Mountain, which you’ll soon climb.

Turn right on the woods road, going past a chain that blocks off the road. Just beyond, you’ll reach a...

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August 07, 2017
rigorous hike, beautiful and difficult
this was a rigorous hike, beautiful and difficult. we did this hike in May 2016. climbing up was a challenge, but coming down there was a lot of scrambling. when we went, most of the people we saw were doing the loop the opposite way than we did it. probably b/c scrambling up is easier than scrambling down. and the descent along the dirt would have been easier than our descent. i rolled my ankle at one point during the scramble in the descent and was hurting. i suppose next time i should be more careful. we came to a point where we saw a black bear scurry across the rock. we stopped in our tracks until the bear was out of sight. later we saw the others wearing bear bells and told them, well, we did just see a bear. they said they hiked the area a lot and have never seen one but they know that others have. we also ran into the person who keeps the trail and he asked us what we thought of it and we told him we liked the condition of the trail a lot. he was happy with that and went on his way. i would suggest doing the loop up the scrambles and would probably do that if we come again to this hike.
May 25, 2017
Nice Hike
Did this hike on 6/9/16. This is a very nice hike with varied terrain. The rock and limb markers on the outcrops and megaliths are a HUGE help locating the paths as they re-enter the trees. Great workout, amazing views. Completed in about 5 hrs. Only ran into 1 person and her dog .  Also saw 2 big snakes getting it on right on the trail. I was told they are Rat Snakes and not normally dangerous. None the less, I gave them a wide birth.  
May 03, 2015
Great hike!
Loved this hike. The ridgeline is spectacular.   Difficult hike for dogs - even our very athletic dog had to be helped down a couple of the steep rock scrambles. Having a harness for your dog helps a ton. Also, lots of sun exposure, so bring plenty of water.   Some photos:
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