Stillman/Highlands/Bluebird Trails Loop from Mountain...

Storm King State Park

North-facing view over the Hudson River from Storm King Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin North-facing view over the Hudson River from Storm King Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop climbs to the summit of Storm King Mountain, with many spectacular viewpoints over the Hudson River and the Highlands.

41.432191, -74.012237

From the parking area, proceed uphill on a wide gravel road, following the yellow blazes of the Stillman Trail. In...

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July 29, 2018
Trailhead GPS coordinates have been corrected

The trailhead GPS coordinates for this hike were indeed incorrect.  They have been corrected.

Daniel Chazin
July 29, 2018
directions to the trailhead are off
I followed GPS coordinates to get to the beginning of the trail but seems like they are off-base. This is what has been posted on here: 41°26'52.3"N 74°01'49.9"W, which leads you to a village north of storm king state park
March 11, 2016
Be careful of ice in the winter
I did this hike last weekend. The previous weekend I was in a different area of this park, and had no snow/ice the whole trip.    I brought my microspikes with me, which seemed like overkill (given there was no snow on the ground), but I had remembered hiking here before & had a recollection that the trail was narrow and could be icy. I'm very glad I brought them. Even though there was no snow, the Stillman Trail had some bad ice flows. I met some hikers who had no microspikes and they found it very difficult and had to hike off trail. I did bring microspikes, but they were not even adequate in some areas with very hard ice (they weren't biting into the ice adequately).    Some photos showing the ice across the trail:  
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