Wappinger Greenway Trail

Wappinger Greenway Trail

View of the Hudson River from the Wappinger Greenway Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of the Hudson River from the Wappinger Greenway Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike parallels Wappinger Creek, traverses a scenic section of Bowdoin Park, and passes several panoramic viewpoints over the Hudson River.

41.587491, -73.947215
Franny Reese Cemetery. Photo by Daniel Chazin.From the station, proceed uphill on Main Street and make the first right onto New Hamburg Road. Just beyond the mailboxes for...

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December 30, 2016
Winter Hike on this trail
I did this today and found the trail description clear and easy to follow, especially since this route includes woods roads and intersections. Instead of the 'white plastic bridge' mentioned, I found a narrow wood boardwalk. A few of the wood plank crossings on the yellow trail were in pretty questionable shape. One was at such a downward slope that between the ice melt and the wet leaves on it, I didn't want to chance it. I just gave up on it and crossed the dry creek bed some other way but when there's water flowing that option won't be available. Bowdoin Park on this trail offered so many birding views, it was out of control. Red breasted nuthatch and cedar waxwing were 2 birds I'd never seen in my life until today in this section of the trail. I'm only sorry I don't have pics!
December 08, 2016
Nice hike
I did this hike on July 2, 2016. Nice shady hike for the most part. Check out the images from my hike: https://scenesfromthetrail.com/2016/07/02/wappinger-greenway-trail/
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