Volunteer Committee Meeting 5/13/10

Thu, 05/13/2010 -
13:00 to 15:00
Dan Van Engel, Chair, Catherine Gemmell, Jane Daniels, Ken Malkin, Bob Jonas, Estelle Anderson. Guest: Ed Goodell
Status of Minutes: 

First item was further discussion of the Youth Policy. Catherine presented forms she prepared to be part of Youth Policy. Draft and forms are ready for BOD (with minor corrections to be done by EA)

JD: advised us the Vision Statement will change.

Awards discussion: 

It is important for award nominations to come in to the Committee. We have few recommendations at this point. JD will contact Chairs; it will also be mentioned again at Trails Council.

CG: Grant money for awards - Kevin, new Development Director, is handling grants and will work on a grant, or grants, for our committee.

Volunteer of the Month: we need to solicit names throughout our region, not just NJ people. The list should go to Georgette Weir; she has a volunteer writer/interviewer. This will be done monthly via E-Walker. 

Catherine will create a form for Trails Council and will post to website also, to generate these names for Georgette.

CG: T-Shirts - it was agreed we want to do them again for this year.

RJ: Wants to add a line to the T-Shirt about Trail Conference and Trail Building.

Suggestions are welcome!

DVE: TM101 evaluation form. JD will add to Dan's form.

Next Meeting Thursday June 17th at 1 p.m.

By: Estelle Anderson