Changes at Fort Montgomery Visitor Site

April 01, 2009
Press Release


Changes at Fort Montgomery Visitor Site


  • The policy of paid admission to the Visitor Center has been discontinued. Entry to the center is now free, but donations are accepted.
  • The Twin Forts Trail leading down to the Popolopen Creek has been substantially improved by building two drainage ditches to carry off running water, and eliminating many of the stones underfoot.
  • Hikers arriving by canoe or kayak from the Hudson River will soon find an official access point from Popolopen Creek. A planned facility will have a locker to safely store gear while going ashore to see the historic site, hike, or to venture into town for supplies or lodging. A kiosk with historic information and a river map is already up. The storage facility is expected to be ready this spring and will be located on the creek at the north end of the suspension bridge carrying the Twin Forts Trail.

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