Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car

February 22, 2011
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car



Don't assume that criminals stay in when snow is on the ground, the air is cold, and the trailhead is in a remote area. Trail Conference members report they foiled a likely break-in of their vehicle, which contained valuables under a blanket, last week at a Wawayanda State Park trailhead on Clinton Road. Stopping just a short way onto the trail, they turned and watched a man scope out their car and approach it with a pipe-shaped instrument before they made their presence known and snapped a photo of him and his car license plate. They reported the incident and left their photos with the West Milford police.

Estelle Anderson, co-Trails Chair for Central North Jersey, notes: "This is an ongoing problem with the entire Clinton Road parking areas.We have spoken with West Milford Police Department and Reservoir Security. We have received permission from Newark Watershed Conservation District Commission to clear all overgrowth of brush to keep the parking lots open (not hidden from view). However, it is a relatively deserted road and car vandalism, break-ins are an issue. She recommends parking close to the road or on the shoulder.