How Great Trail Experiences Are Made

October 01, 2018
Edward Goodell
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


How Great Trail Experiences Are Made
Appalachian Trail at Bear Mountain State Park. Photo by Josh Howard.


Volunteers. Champions. Supporters. You. It all starts with your support.

On Oct. 7, 1923, Trail Conference volunteers officially opened the first section of the Appalachian Trail, which they built and blazed through Bear Mountain and Harriman state parks in New York. This fall, the Trail Conference will finish construction on the historic Bear Mountain Trails Project—the most ambitious rehabilitation of the A.T. ever conducted. Just as it was 95 years ago, building this section of the Appalachian Trail could only be accomplished through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

That’s nearly a century of Trail Conference volunteers selflessly giving their time and energy to ensure that the Appalachian Trail—and all 2,165 miles of trails we maintain—remain healthy and accessible for everyone who travels them. As more people head outdoors, the need to protect trails like the A.T. and the wild places they traverse is more crucial than ever before.

The Trail Conference supports and trains more than 2,100 volunteers on these trails and the surrounding lands. We work with over 180 public parks, saving taxpayer dollars and improving quality of life in the 26 counties we serve. Our volunteers clear fallen trees and debris, repair storm damage, work to preserve native ecosystems, and much more. Volunteers are how we get the job done, and they help us multiply the impact of every dollar you donate. 

Your generosity is the key to keeping trails alive and strong today and for the next 100 years. By donating today, you’re not only showing your support for iconic projects like the Appalachian Trail on Bear Mountain, you’re also committing to a legacy of volunteers working hard to ensure your connection to nature remains open, safe, and enjoyable, now and for generations to come.

Great trail experiences start with you. Show your support today!