A hundred points to view

March 31, 2010
Holly Stewart


A hundred points to view


After a winter like the one we've just endured, it seems as though spring is a long time coming. We had that tasty tease two weeks ago when temperatures climbed into the 60s, but the March lion quickly returned in full force for its last hurrah. The truth is that spring is a fickle master, baiting us with warm and sunny days before blasting us repeatedly with cold rain and wind. Such spastic weather makes it a good time to get sick and stay that way.

For more information on reaching any of these viewpoints, consult the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Web site at www.nynjtc.org or look them up in Google. If you decide to conquer a peak, dress appropriately. Wear sunscreen. Take plenty of water, a map and a flashlight. Take a friend and be sure that someone else knows where you are going. There are risks to hiking and you should try to limit them as much as possible. Above all, enjoy the view, because it won't look the same in a couple of months.