Insist that Charitable Non-Profits Are Included In the Next Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

March 23, 2020
Action Alert
Center for Non-Profits


Insist that Charitable Non-Profits Are Included In the Next Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
West Jersey Trail Crew works on the Two Brooks Trail in the Pequannock Watershed. Photo by David Day.


Your support is needed! Help ensure our Senators and Representatives know how vital the Trail Conference's services are now and for the future.

Urgent action alert from our partner organizations, Center for Non-Profits and National Council of Nonprofits:

This is an urgent request that you write or tweet your U.S. Senators and Representatives and insist that they do more in their COVID-19 stimulus bill to support the ability of charitable non-profits to serve and survive the pandemic and its impact on the economy. 

The next stimulus bill from Congress may be enacted as soon as today, March 23. The latest draft, from Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY), provides minimal support for charitable organizations, but certainly not enough to help non-profits succeed and survive. And certainly not as much as business interests, many of which are focusing on their long-term policy goals rather than getting through the next few months.

Earlier this week, the charitable non-profit community sent a very strong package of policy solutions that would address the immediate needs of organizations and the people they serve. Read the letter here. Some of these details show up in small measure in the McConnell bill and other draft bills. But the importance of the charitable community is not getting the respect that we know it deserves. 

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) is planning to propose an amendment to the Senate COVID-19 Stimulus bill that would, for 2020, create an above-the-line deduction for charitable donations. The amendment would:

  • Provide an above-the-line deduction for charitable giving capped at 1/3 of the standard deduction ($4000 for individuals / $8000 for married couples);
  • Ensure it’s available for all of 2020, so that those who’ve already donated this year can also take advantage of this; and
  • Ensure that there’s no giving floor included, so that we make this accessible for small dollar donors which are critical to churches and charities. 

How You Can Help

1. Individuals and nonprofits alike are strongly encouraged to support Sen. Lankford's amendment. To do so, please fill out the easy form found here.

2. As soon as possible, email or tweet your Senators and Representatives:Don’t bother calling their offices (all are closed due to COVID-19). Send an email or tweet as soon as possible.

Writing your Senators and Representatives is easy; just click those links and find your officeholders. 

Tweeting is easy too. Go here to find your Senator’s or Representatives Twitter handle.

The message is simple: “I want you to understand what this pandemic is doing to the ability of my non-profit to serve your constituents. Now more than ever, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is needed by our society. Record numbers of people are flocking to nature to find a respite from these scary times we are living through. Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to help the public safely get outdoors. SInce 1920, park agencies have looked to us for resources and expertise to provide access to thousands of miles of trails. Over the last 100 years our world has faced natural disasters, economic downfalls, and a global pandemic. In the process, something unexpected happened. We have seen people come together to protect our parks, invest in land conservation, and share the benefits of being in nature. ​Now, in 2020, we need to inspire an appreciation and care for the land that rejuvenates our health, wellness, and prosperity. I urge you to include the policy solutions proposed by the non-profit community in any COVID-19 relief and stimulus legislation.”

Thank you for your advocacy!