Mk Moore: A Day in the Life of the Trail Conference

January 21, 2018
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Mk Moore: A Day in the Life of the Trail Conference


Trail Conference Role: Trail Chair

Mk Moore is the Trail Conference’s Trail Chair for a region that’s not exactly known for trails: New York City. “There are a lot of great hiking parks in the city that people aren’t really aware of,” says Mk, who lives in Kew Gardens in Queens.

To protect one of his favorite parks, Mk formed the Friends of Forest Park volunteer group in 2015; one of his favorite projects in stewarding this 500-acre green space in his borough is organizing trail maintenance and invasive plant removal events. “We go out and repair damage to trails, close desire lines, and make trails better for the average hiker,” he says. This job is a team effort: NYC Parks provides mulch, for example, and Scouts, students, and volunteers help lay it out to create a nicer experience for everyone.

Mk—an Air Force veteran and retired clinical psychologist—loves connecting with all the different trail users. “I’m curious what brings people out to the trails,” he says. “I meet a lot of bird watchers and parents bringing their kids outside. City parks are a great way to see nature without taking two trains or renting a car.”