People for Trails: Ken Posner

October 05, 2017
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


People for Trails: Ken Posner
Board member Ken Posner.


Since thru-running the Long Path in 2013 — in just nine days, the current fastest known time — Ken Posner has become one of the most enthusiastic champions of the trail.

Whether on his blog, The Long Brown Path, in his book, Running the Long Path, or in casual conversation, he speaks about the trail with respect and reverence. In the last four years, Ken Posner has become a Trail Conference Board member, volunteer supervisor for 30 miles of the trail in the southern Shawangunks, and is organizer of the Long Path race series of trail racing events, designed to promote and celebrate this storied trail.

“The experience of completing the Long Path was so special for me,” Ken says. “It’s my life’s goal to get more people to complete the Long Path, whether hiking or running, in sections or straight through—especially for those folks who will never have enough time to do the Appalachian Trail.” Ken Posner finds the trail’s principal idea—a footpath connecting Manhattan to the Adirondack Park—a spectacular concept, but says the trail in its current state is a remarkable experience that deserves more attention, from both a recreation and conservation standpoint.

“The Long Path is a living, breathing thing, and a labor of love on behalf of the volunteers who are continually working to improve it,” Ken says. “It connects the dots between the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley and the cosmopolitan sprawl of the New York metropolitan area, taking you to some very special places and some very popular places. No two miles of the Long Path are the same, which makes it such a unique trail to explore and so important to protect."

Get Involved

The Long Path exists because of the incredible passion of volunteers who want to be a part of the legacy of New York’s Greatest Trail.

Maintainers and trail managers are always needed—adopt a section of the Long Path to call your own! Or come spend a few hours with one of our crews and help with the ongoing task of reducing road walks by constructing new trail.

This fall, we have Long Path relocation projects in the northwest corner of Harriman State Park, on the Greene/Schoharie County line in the northern Catskills, and at the Schoharie/Albany County line connecting with the Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area.

Come help us improve the trail that runs from the Big Apple to the Big Park! Learn more and discover all the ways you can get involved by emailing [email protected]

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