Warwick and the Making of the Appalachian Trail

July 06, 2012
Richard W. Hull
Warwick Valley Living


Warwick and the Making of the Appalachian Trail



Written by Prof. Richard W. Hull, Town Historian

Warwickians were among the earliest and most eager proponents of the [Appalachian Trail] concept. And by 1930 the Warwick group, under the leadership of local banker Raymond Goodlatte,  Advertiser publisher Hiram P. Tate , pastor Taber Knox, and naturalist George Hansen  were mobilizing the Boy Scouts and other community groups to begin the arduous task of trail blazing.  Most of the affected landowners were proud to have a trail of national significance traverse their properties. And over subsequent years some made land donations to the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference, a non-profit entity. 


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