Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain

Hikers at Bear Rock - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin Hikers at Bear Rock - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin
40.94684, -74.388175

The area features unusual glacial erratics, dramatic rock outcrops, extensive wetlands, waterfalls, and several scenic overlooks – including views of the Manhattan skyline. How about Tripod Rock, a 160-ton boulder resting atop three smaller boulders?

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area encompasses Pyramid and Turkey mountains in Kinnelon, Boonton and Montville.  Its features include unusual glacial erratics, dramatic rock outcrops, extensive wetlands and waterfalls.  The two most remarkable erratics in the area are Bear Rock, one of the largest in the state, and Tripod Rock, a 160-ton boulder perched atop three smaller boulders.

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1534.76 acres



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April 29, 2016
Pyramid Mtn Yellow Trail
In checking with our Pyramid Trail Supervisor,   we believe you may have become confused in an area where the yellow and green trails are jointly blazed leading to the falls.  At that point the yellow trail goes around the falls and out to Stoneybrook Rd.  If, at the junction of these two trails, had they gone "Right", back to the visitors center on the yellow trail instead of straight on the combined yellow and green trails, they would have returned to the Pyramid Mt. parking lot - the trails are clearly marked as are the maps.  The Maps are well maintained and show all the trails.  The maps are available at the kiosk in parking lot as well as in the Visitor Center.  Sorry that you had to deal with a long road walk. 
April 27, 2016
Getting lost on Y-trail
Having hiked Pyramid Mountain a few years ago without problem was looking forward to coming back.  But the yellow marks were too messy to follow.  At one place there were trees with yellow marks on two different paths in front of us.  We got lost following the yellow marks, and wound up on Stony Brook Road on the other side of Turkey Mountain.   Called Park Police, they couldn't help us because we were on the other side of the road outside the park.  Transferred our call to Montville Police.  Little while later patrolman Y came, took our names, phone #s, addresses, and told us there was nothing he could do to help us.  Except he gave us directions to walk back on our own.  Which we did, some four or five miles around the outside of the park on public roads facing oncoming traffic.  But when we got back to our car he was sweet enough to be there, making sure we had survived our walk!  My friend was in pain but showed great spirit through the ordeal.      
January 13, 2013
Hiking Kincaid Woods!
Check out a description at of a great hike in Morris County's Kincaid Woods!Packed with Photos!!
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