Trail Crew Chief


A Trail Crew Chief's primary role is that of a resource and project manager. It encompasses the multiple areas of expertise and experience needed to manage a successful trail crew within the structure of the Trail Conference.


  • Work with Agency Staff and other Trail Partners to determine needed involvement.
  • Work with Trail Conference Regional Chairs and Supervisors to determine needed involvement.
  • Determine and pursue project funding, if needed and not provided by others.
  • Establish project scope and anticipated timeline.
  • Establish a project list and set priorities in consultation with partners.
  • Work with Trail Crew Leader(s) to establish working calendar and communicate same to Crew Members, Agency Staff and other Trail Partners; advising them of changes as and when they happen.
  • Work with Trail Conference Staff, Regional Chairs and Supervisors to recruit crew members.
  • Develop, train and maintain crew members.
  • Identify and encourage/train Trail Crew Leaders.
  • Collect, maintain, and submit all appropriate reporting
  • Ensure work trips and calendar are posted on website appropriately, handling volunteers who are directed to the crew via email or online registration.


  • Basic First Aid/CPR at a minimum is recommended.
  • Wilderness First Aid training is recommended.