Trail Crew Leader


A Trail Crew Leader's primary roll is the execution of specific projects as defined by the Crew Chief. It encompasses more of the field-work expertise needed for the physical execution of a given set of tasks and/or projects.


  • Develop specific working plan for each project.
  • Work with Crew Chief to determine needed resources, tools, etc.
  • Lead crew on the assigned project(s) in the field.
  • Collect sign-in/permission/release forms and return them to the Crew Chief.
  • At beginning of work trip, welcome new-comers.
  • Provide safety and task skills training to all crew members as needed.
  • Determine crew members' individual abilities, and ensure that they stay within them.
  • Assign and direct the Crew members' task(s).
  • Encourage/enforce safe practices – including cancelling or shortening a trip if needed.
  • Ensure that work being executed results in a safe, environmentally sound conclusion.
  • Document work, both completed and incomplete; and return same to the Crew Chief.


  • Basic First Aid/CPR at a minimum is recommended.
  • Wilderness First Aid training is recommended.