RTC Chair's Best Practices

An RTC chair's job is to organize, lead, and facilitate a Regional Trails Council  

  • Work with your program coordinator to develop and lead a robust committee such they have the information they need


  • Thank committee members during National Volunteer Week and at the end of the year
  • Nominate volunteers for awards for which they are eligible

Running the Committee 

  • Appoint committee members such as an assistant chair, secretary, and hospitality to distribute the work load 
  • Prepare and post meeting agendas 
  • Post draft minutes of meeting and finalize when approve
  • Organize the annual RTC planning meetings to provide input on and consolidation of regional needs, opportunities, and priorities 
  • Assist Regional Program Coordinator to prepare the summmary of regional accomplishments and challenges. 
  • Facilitate implimentation of policies
  • Assist the Policy Council Representative in soliciting feedback and recommendations for draft policies under review
  • Help impliment the Trail Conference's strategic plan as it pertains to trails

Outside of the Committee

  • Be familiar with the Trail Management Guide
  • Take Supervisor 101 and Local Trail Chair training so you know what is being taught
  • Be familiar with the Volunteer Handbook and Youth Policy