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Dave A's picture

Any update on when the new South Taconic Trails map will be available? Both a new printed version as well as the digital Avenza PDF Maps version.  Thanks! -D
Jeremy Apgar's picture

Hi Dave!Thanks for your inquiry about availability of a new South Taconic Trails map.We have been putting a lot of effort into producing a new and much improved, digitally-produced South Taconic trail map, and our hope is that the map will be available by the end of 2014, or possibly the beginning of 2015 if resources are tied up in other mapping projects during the next few months.  The map will have an expanded coverage area, contain newly-GPSed trail routes, and feature better topographic information, among other improvements, so be on the lookout for further announcements about this map in the coming months.The print and digital versions of the map will become available at about the same time.~Jeremy, TC Cartographer
Dave A's picture

Thanks Jeremy, looking forward to it!   Good timing too as my copy of the 2006 verion is pretty tattered. - Dave