This loop hike steeply climbs Breakneck Ridge, with many spectacular views over the Hudson River.

41.447809, -73.980861

Despite its relatively short length, this is generally considered to be the most strenuous hike in the East Hudson Highlands. It involves steep climbs over rock ledges that can be very slippery when wet. You'll need to use both your hands and your feet in many places along the way. Proper footgear is essential for this hike, which is best done on weekdays, to avoid the crowds on weekends. Do...

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June 01, 2016
I was with a group of 22 (12 adults and 10 kids ranging in ages from 9-12) that hiked Breakneck Ridge (BnR) this past saturday 5/28/16, 89 degrees F.
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May 31, 2016
They will love it, but should have some supervision on the exposed portions.
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Walt Daniels
May 31, 2016
is this trail suitable for children or too ambitious/dangerous.  I have two daughters aged 7 and 11.  They are used to hiking up to 10 miles and have climbed the Bear Mountain trail up the rocks etc.
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