Catskill Escarpment Loop (South) from Scutt Road (North...

Catskill Park

This loop hike follows the Catskill Escarpment above Kaaterskill Clove, with many spectacular views.

42.200662, -74.058473

Cross to the east side of the road and follow the blue-blazed Escarpment Trail (co-aligned with a yellow-blazed horse trail) into the woods. The trail heads south and descends through a mixed forest of hemlocks and deciduous tree...

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January 22, 2015

Trails will be snow covered and icy. Dress warmly in layers and bring proper equipment.'s picture
October 16, 2013
This was an absolutely beautiful hike. The trail description was excellent, weather was cool but great, and the views were outstanding!
rostrove's picture
March 23, 2012
We did this hike yesterday.  At the junction of the red trail and the escarpment trail to Boulder Rock, take the extra mile to Boulder Rock!  It's actually .92 I believe and the trail is smooth.  The 
estreetmont's picture
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