Appalachian Trail/Blue Trail (Clear Lake) Loop from...

Fahnestock State Park [Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park]

This loop hike follows an historic mine railbed and traverses several interesting ridges with views.

41.454882, -73.833827

You will notice three blue blazes on the guardrail along Route 301, opposite the parking area, which mark the start of the blue-blazed Three Lakes Trail. Climb over the guardrail. The Three Lakes Trail heads straight into the woods, but you should turn right and proceed southeast along an old paved road (known as the Philipstown Turnpike) that parallels Route 301 and soon crosses a stream on a...

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Trail Maintainer | Ringwood State Park
Corridor Monitor: AT Dutchess South Lands - V22

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February 01, 2012
I have done this hike several times with my dogs and also gone exploring on the trails inside the scout camp boundaries that connect to the Wiccopee Reservoir trail and then to the Peekskill Hollow MU
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January 17, 2012
Dogs (if on leash) are allowed in Fahnestock State Park.  However, posted signs do indicate that dogs are not allpwed in Clear Lake (Durland) Scout Reservation, which is traversed by the Blue Trail wh
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Daniel Chazin
January 16, 2012
Note that dogs aren't allowed. We tried this loop with our dogs today, and as we reached the start of the Blue Trail, there were multiple huge signs saying that hikers are allowed, but no pets.
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