Trail Love 365
Small Steps, Big Impact
Along the red trail Balsam Lake Mt. Catskills - Photo: Bill Roehrig

We're a community of outdoor-lovers who have been caring for trails and parks since 1920. Our passion is empowering people to get outside and have safe, enjoyable experiences connecting with nature. We work where parks need extra resources to maintain trails, protect the ecosystem, and assist visitors. In fact, there’s a good chance your last hike, trail run, or ride was made possible by some of our 2,000-plus dedicated volunteers.

Here's How You Can Help

Give a Shout Out
Our volunteers would be super grateful if you could show them a little love by tagging your trail photos with #traillove and @nynjtc. Help us spread the word about their good work!
Give a Few Hours
Be a trail superhero. Be a trail superhero. If you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, come out and help us make your favorite nature spots great. We’ll teach you how trails are built and how parks are cared for.
Give a Few Dollars
We count on the support of every hiker, walker, and rider to make great trail experiences possible. Your gift helps your trail community!