Trail Improvements in Progress at Terrace Pond in Wawayanda State Park

July 28, 2020
Kylie Yang, Program Coordinator
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Trail Improvements in Progress at Terrace Pond in Wawayanda State Park
Terrace Pond in Wawayanda State Park, New Jersey. Credit: Nick McKenna/New York-New Jersey Trail Conference



Several trail improvements, which aim to make the trails easier to follow, are in progress throughout the Terrace Pond area in Wawayanda State Park. The improvements will include changing blaze colors and creating new trails.

This “Trail Changes In-Progress” map shows the trail system in Wawayanda State Park with the latest changes as of July 27, 2020.  The pink-highlighted trail sections indicate where additional changes are being made.

This “Proposed Trail Reconfiguration” map shows what the trail system is expected to be once this project is complete.  While changes are in progress, please reference the local signage in addition to the In-Progress map.

As of July 28, 2020, the changes include:

  • Yellow blazing is complete for a portion of Terrace Pond North, entirety of Terrace Pond South, and portion of Terrace Pond Circular to create the Terrace Pond West Loop.
  • The new route of the Terrace Pond Red trail is complete.
  • Blue/Black spur trail is complete.
  • Partial closure of the Terrance Pond Circular trail 

Trails will remain open during this process. For the latest on these changes, continue to check this page for updates.

The changes being made to the trail system at Terrace Pond in Wawayanda State Park were sparked by a rise in visitation, which has been accompanied by a rise in lost hikers, leading to a persistent need for the services of local search and rescue. This concept of reinvisioning trail systems to create loop trails has already been successfully introduced at Ramapo Valley County Reservation in New Jersey, where reports of lost trail users have been drastically reduced and the overall hiking experience has been greatly improved.

The new loop trail options at this very popular day-hike destination will consist of the blue-blazed Terrace Pond North Loop, the yellow-blazed Terrace Pond West Loop, and the white-blazed Terrace Pond Circular Loop. 

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