Shawangunk Trails (Map)

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I am trying to find ther msps for the continuation of the LOng Path whrn it exits from Harriman Park and heads north to the Gunks. PT
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The next map set that covers the Long Path as it leaves northern Harriman State Park is our 'West Hudson Trails' map set, which was just updated this year: This map set picks up where the Long Path on Harriman Map 119 leaves off.  The Long Path continues north into Schunemunk Mountain State Park and then heads southwest, coaligned with the Highlands Trail, to meet up with the converted-railbed Heritage Trail.  All of this is shown on the West Hudson Trails map set. From here, the Long Path follows the Heritage Trail and then a series of roads to the Shawangunk Ridge, where it meets up with the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and follows the ridge all the way up to Sam's Point and Minnewaska in the northern Gunks.  This stretch is currently not available as published maps, but you can find descriptions and some maps through our online Long Path Guide here:   ~Jeremy, TC cartographer