Long Distance Trails

Spectacular long distance trails are easily accessible throughout New York and New Jersey.

Building and maintaining long distance trails has been the foundation of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference since 1923. We take great pride in being stewards of these trails, and we invite you to learn more about them and join us in giving back.

Appalachian Trail- New York and New Jersey

The Trail Conference Kittatinny Trails Map and North Jersey Trails Map show tent sites and shelters along the Appalachian Trail . A number of connecting trails shown on these maps can be combined for loop hikes. See the website of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for more information.

Highlands Trail - New York and New Jersey

The Highlands Trail highlights the natural beauty of the Highlands region, and draws the public's attention to this endangered resource. It is a cooperative effort of the Trail Conference, conservation organizations, state and local governments, and local businesses. It extends over 150 miles from Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River in New York south to Riegelsville, New Jersey on the Delaware River. The route connects scenic attractions in both states. Ultimately, a network of trails including alternate routes and multi-use paths is envisioned.

The Highlands Trail Guide provides an overview of the Highlands Trail and many maps to explore sections of the trail.

Long Path - New York

There are three main reasons why this trail is important to us. First, it offers opportunities for hikers to experience different types of terrain and passes through urban, suburban, rural, and wild areas. The roadwalks show how vulnerable our landscape is. Second, the trail shows how public and private interests can work together to preserve our open spaces. The trail passes through more private land than any other trail maintained by the Trail Conference. This would not have been possible without us learning how to interact with private landowners and other environmental groups to obtain rights-of-way for the trail. Third, by forming the Long Path North Hiking Club to construct the northern parts of the trail, it showed how we could create more trails to be maintained by the Trail Conference and create public support through trail construction.

Long Path Trail Region provides an overview of the Long Path as well as invaluable online resources for planning your hike.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail - New York

Shawangunk Ridge Trail

Lenape Trail - New Jersey

The 34-mile Lenape Trail passes through 19 different parks in Essex County, N.J. It serves as a "highlight reel" of what the area has to offer in terms of hiking and outdoor recreation, from the paved jogging paths of Brookdale Park to the rugged hiking of Eagle Rock Reservation. The Trail Conference's work on the Lenape Trail was reinvigorated in 2017, thanks to support from the Partners for Health Foundation in Essex County.

Lenape Trail

Other long distance trails