Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Harriman-Bear Mountain State... Region

41.230332, -74.086882

With nearly 52,000 acres of mostly forested landscape and hundreds of miles of trails--including the Appalachian Trail--Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks offer a rich hiking resource close to New York City.

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The variety of trails looping across the rugged landscape, draped upon the Highlands, is a major part of the appeal of Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks.  Covering nearly 52,000 acres, this network of practically infinite trail...

Park Acreage:

52000.00 acres


Bear Mountain

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June 26, 2016
For the id and link of this beautiful rock and now I found the hike in the Circuit Hikes in Harriman book too.  Will be hiking these trails soon I hope, thanks again!!
Margie's picture
June 25, 2016
The overlook shown in the photo above is Claudius Smith Rock.  Here is a link to a hike tha will get you there:  http://www.nynjtc.org/hike/Claudius-Smiths-Rock  
Daniel Chazin's picture
Daniel Chazin
June 25, 2016
Can anyone tell me what trail to get up to the overlook as pictured on this page?   I have been exploring around the beautiful harriman-bear mountain a couple of times this spring only,
Margie's picture
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