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There's a major blowdown at the southern junction of the Ramapo-Dunderberg and Triangle trails -- big tangle of trees and branches, partially obscuring the blazes. -- Wounded Knee
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This blowdown has been reported to the Trail Conference Harriman area (certified) chainsawyer teams who group reported blowdown sites and will plan to include this one in an outing for clearing. The teams cleared hundreds of blowdowns during each half of 2009. We appreciate the reporting of blowdowns and other trail problems.
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does any one know if there is enough snow any were in the catskill mountains to do some BC skiing? even if there isnt enough yet, can any one tell me some good trails/ mountains to back country ski on?
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The NY-NJTC has compiled a list of great places and parks to cross-country ski in New York and New Jersey in order to let members know where to go.
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Tried to hike this on 12/27/09 and I could not cross the Wanaque River due to the amount of rain and snow melt from previous week. Was well over boot height and moving swiftly.
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A common occurrence Fortunately the level of the Wanaque drops quickly after storms and melts.
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We've been informed that the bridge reconstruction project near Lake Kanawauke is now finished, and that Rt. 106 is now clear and open all the way! Ed Goldstein
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An organized group of Visigoths is committing criminal mischief in Harriman Park. Not content with performing their evil work on the AT, Blue Disc, Sign and Map removals in Doodletown, Little Doe and Rock house MT cairn desecration , Myles Bench eradication with a chain saw, they now have struck Poached Eggs destroying the cairn on Pine Meadow Road and the initial three blazes posted at that site. These are not individual acts of Vandalism but are part of a highly organized network of destructive vermin. respectfully, dave sutter
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The vandals have also struck the Parker Cabin Hollow and White Bar Trails. On PCH many of the blazes have been bashed (with a stick?) or stabbed (with a knife?). On the White Bar - from 106 to the Nurian (as far as I went) most blazes have been defaced with a black marker. There are some angry people our there. Donald Hecht
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Found out today that horses can be easily spooked.

When hikers are in the woods, and the horses hear, but can't see them, that spooks them. Walking around the open, visible area of the parking lot and paddock is much less disconcerting to the horses.

On returning and approaching the horse paddock, (about halfway down the hill from the gas line) call out "hikers coming thru," thus giving the riders a chance to settle their horses and move them away from the trail.

Update: Sign now posted, advising hikers to call out.

It also can't hurt, as you start your hike, to chat briefly with any riders (if convenient), and ask those riders what they would like you to do on your return.

Horses are easily spooked and can throw their riders, causing serious injury, so please be considerate & careful when using the Ramapo Equestrian Center trailhead.

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Passed this dry spring 19 Sept 2009; it's just south of the shelter (at the intersection of the AT and Menomine Trail) on a very short light-blue-blazed side trail.  Nothing but a few muddy leaves.  Water available from brooks north and south of shelter on the Menomine Trail.
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Just did this short hike on Saturday. The reservoir/creek was quite high and came up onto the trail a few times, but nothing impassable. The path was quite muddy though, so just be aware.
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The bridge replacement is complete - Clinton Rd is open!

Clinton Rd in West Milford NJ is temporarily closed to through traffic.  The bridge over Mossman's Brook will be replaced within the next couple months.  Parking at P3 is accessible from the South only.  Parking at P4 is accessible from the North only for Two Brooks Trail and Highlands Trail heading north.   For Clinton West and the Highlands Trail South of the bridge, access Clinton Rd from the South only. (you will have to drive past the barricades in both instances) The bridge can be crossed by foot until it's removal.  Then it will have to be rock hopping across the brook until November.  We'll try to find a good crossing point for hikers. West Milford DPW has posted detour signs.

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.Major bulldozing is destroying this fragile area. does anyone know when the telephone line construction will be completed and are there plans to repair the muddy roads caused by this extensive destruction?
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I have no information on what is going on there, but I did notice that there was absolutely no protection for the lake, and wetlands to the north that feed it, from erosion from the road which comes within a few feet of the lake in places, no silt fence, hay bales, nothing. The potential for damage to the lake is great and certainly could be mitigated with a little protection. Many of the harriman lakes(see Silvermine and Kanawauke lakes) are in an advanced state of eutrophication, why is Skenonto not being protected?
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I spoke with a park maintenance spokeswoman who advised that the road is being modified to make it easier for the various utilities that use it for access. Supposedly, the DEC has been involved and has approved the project engineering, etc. and that not to worry, next spring, the road will naturally be recovered, and any damage to the lake will be minimal. Additionally, the park spokeswoman also mentioned that they are lowering the level of many of the lakes now by one foot in preparation for expected heavy rains this hurricane season to avoid flooding the Ramapo river. The irony of these two park actions is not lost on me for one.
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Does anyone know if the trail to Stony Kill Falls, in Minnewaska State Park, is open? It closed last year due to fire. Also, does anyone know anything about the condition of the trail going from Stony Kill Falls to Lake Awosting? It's listed as unmaintained, and I read somewhere that it was rocky and difficult. But I wonder if it's still doable, if one is a moderately-skilled hiker.
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I don't see mention of this here, but this trail has significant beaver induced flooding north of Mystic Swamp, just west of the P7 parking area in Sterling Forest requiring challenging bushwacking to circumvent.
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Thanks for the advisory. The Sterling Valley Loop Trail is not maintained by the Trail Conference. In Sterling Forest State Park about half the trails are taken care of by the Park, and the other approximate half by the Trail Conference. We work closely together. My examination of the flooded location on July 4th, this being during a very rainy season, revealed that passage on foot was possible (keeping the feet dry), with a bit of hopping. Some one had placed a board across the middle of the flooded width, on top of two concrete blocks. A step from water edge to the board was possible, and on the farther side dry land could be reached by a hop to a stone and then to the waters edge. At this particular location and day, the beaver dam adjacent to the flooded path was found breached for about a two foot length. Under the circumstances of all the rain, I suspect that the flooding would have been about the same whether or not the dam was breached- the difference being that the dam would be full, the water higher upstream of the trail, and the water flow about the same. Beaver problems are increasing. The Parks do not typically breach beaver ponds, and even if they were breached the beavers would repair them. A solution is to move the beavers to another location, but that is not commonly done. In dryer times the trail will likely not be flooded: the water level on the opposite side is below trail level (until the beavers become more ambitious downstream). This specific flooding problem is known to the Park. The trail in this area is actually not on park property but the owner allows the trail to cross. There is some consideration of a Scout group building a bridge, but nothing is settled.
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The trail head for the Mine Trail/Wyanokie Circular (yellow & red) is permanently closed by the landowner. This trail head is on Snake Den Rd, near the Weis Ecology Center parking lot. We will be posting signs and blocking access at both ends of the private property.  Please plan your hikes to enter and exit the forest trails at other locations. Either using the HewittButler/Mine Trail (blue and yellow) via the Otterhole Trail (green) from the Weis Parking Lot; or use the Highlands Trail from Westbrook Rd/Townsend Rd to the new Roomy Mine Trail extension to access other trails.  We will be creating links / detours very shortly, but ask your cooperation now in avoiding this trail head. 

***Click Here for a map of the revised trail system***