Eagle Rock Reservation

Eagle Rock Reservation

Watchung Basalt Rock along the Lenape Trail - Eagle Rock Reservation - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin Watchung Basalt Rock along the Lenape Trail - Eagle Rock Reservation - Photo credit: Daniel Chazin
40.810678, -74.23934

Spectacular views of the New York City Skyline from the George Washington Bridge to the Verranzano Narrows Bridge.

Eagle Rock Reservation

The Eagle Rock Reservation is a 400+ acre park along the First Watchung Mountain ridge line located between West Orange, Montclair and Verona.  Unlike the New Jersey Highlands, which are made of sedimentary rocks, the three Watchung ranges are composed of igneous rock, formed of intrusions of magma that rose...

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408.33 acres


West Orange

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Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs


(973) 268-3500



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November 08, 2012
Eagle Rock Damage and Clean up from Hurricane Sandy
All trails in the Eagle Rock Reservation have been partially blocked by the recent storm. Damage is worse than that from last year's Halloween snow storm.   There is no specific group or persons who will clear these trails; instead, it's local trail users who are donating time and muscle to cutting out and clearing the blockages.  This work is expected to take a few weeks and the only way to speed it up is to help.   When you hike there, be sure to bring a saw and gloves.   Cut any blockages that you can and toss aside all the branches and sticks that now litter every trail.  Every bit of help is valued and important.   If you are interested to join a group that is going out to do the heavy work, (cutting out large fallen trees), please contact  [email protected] to offer help and learn when and where groups are meeting.
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