Slide Mountain Wilderness Area

Slide Mountain Wilderness Area

Discovering the Long Path: Slide Mountain - Photo: Steve Aaron Discovering the Long Path: Slide Mountain - Photo: Steve Aaron
42.00844, -74.426782

For a compilation of New York State lands in the Catskill Forest Preserve consisting of wild forests and wilderness areas click here.  For a description of Catskill Park and its trails click here. 

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"The Slide Mountain Wilderness, encompassing over 47,500 acres, is the largest and most popular wilderness area in the Catskills. Extensive foot trails provide access to the remote interior, often climbing over lofty peaks with spectacular views. Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in all of the Catskills, inspired poet and naturalist John Burroughs to write: "Here the works of man dwindle, in...

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47500.00 acres


Shandaken, Denning and Olive

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Slide Mountain Wilderness Area


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