Teatown Lake Reservation

Teatown Lake Reservation

Westchester County Region

41.211234, -73.827067

There are a wide variety of trail experiences at Teatwon Lake Reservation: streams, hardwood swamps, mixed forests, meadows, hemlock forests, laurel groves, and a scenic gorge. 

Teatown Lake Reservation is a nonprofit, environmental organization in a 1,000-acre nature preserve and education center located in Westchester County. Hikers will find a wide variety of natural areas to explore, including the 33-acre Teatown Lake, a scenic gorge, hardwood swamps, mixed forests, meadows, and hemlock and laurel groves. 

Teatown's Nature Center features numerous natural...

Park Acreage:

1000.00 acres


Yorktown, Cortlandt, New Castle

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Teatown Lake Reservation


(914) 762-2912



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June 19, 2015
Teatown recently connected the Back 40 and Shadow Lake trails to make a 2.3 mile loop. The new loop starts from the Waterfall trail and includes two newly blazed sections. One continues SE towards and across the power lines to Shadow Lake and the other connects Shadow Lake and Vernay Lake SE to NW.   
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