HT NJ 10: Dennis Road to the Delaware River

        Length 5.8 miles                            Click on the Camera Icon icon in the text below for photos.

HT Hunterdon County Overview Map 1

Musconetcong Gorge Trail Map

NOTE: The trail from Cyphers Road to Pennsylvania has, for the most part, been blazed on lightly-traveled country roads. Although we have approval to eliminate much of this road walk and routes have been scouted, Camera Icon maintaining a trail through the available public land will be difficult due to unmanageable weed and brush growth. Our current plan is to gradually reduce the road walk. 


From the parking area on Dennis Road, follow the blazes down the co-aligned HT/Nature (blue) Trails to the junction with the HT/Waterfall (orange) Trail. Bear left on the orange/HT and follow it for 2.1 miles to a corn field. Turn left and make your way along the field up to Bellis Road. Turn right on Bellis Road and at 2.2 miles, pass Cyphers Road, where parking is available in a new gravel lot. Continue on Bellis Road, passing a gravel parking lot for Musconetcong River Wildlife Management Area at 2.9 miles. At 3.4 miles, Bellis Road becomes Mount Joy Road. Continue on Mount Joy Road to a right turn on CR 627 at 5.0 miles. At 5.4 miles, turn left to continue on CR 627 toward the Riegelsville Historic District. At 5.7 miles, turn left to cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania over the historic Roebling suspension bridge.  Camera Icon  The blazes end at the bridge. Cross a gravel restaurant parking lot and come to a sign welcoming the HT into Pensylvania at 5.8 miles. Camera Icon

The Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania is still in its planning stages, and no trail has been blazed yet. 



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5/20/20 - Did an out-and-back on this section today. I was concerned about the amount of road walking on this stretch, but it wasn't an issue - very little traffic on the roads. Two drivers stopped to ask us about the walk. The trail was extremely well-blazed (but not "over blazed") and I was able to go the full distance without consulting the route I had plotted in AllTrails other than to check that we were still on course.