HT NJ 10: Dennis Road to the Delaware River

 HT Hunterdon County overview map 1        Click on the Camera Icon icon in the text below for photos.

Musoconetcong Gorge Trail Map

From the parking area on Dennis Road, follow the blazes down the co-aligned HT/Nature (blue) Trails to the junction with the HT/Waterfall (orange) Trail. Bear left on the orange/HT and follow it for 2.1 miles to Cyphers Road. The blazes currently end here. 

Between the HT current ending at Cyphers Road in Musconetcong Gorge and the Delaware River, current plans are to bring the trail west to the Delaware River to cross into Riegelsville, PA., HT will cross this bridge using a combination of road walks and public land. The trail route is currently being scouted scouting trip in Musconetcong River Wildlife Management Area. Initially, the entire route will be blazed on the road. As we have time, we will eliminate as much of the road walk as possible. The delay is due to the unmanageble weed and brush growth conditions in Musconetcong WMA. 

Although the HT doesn't reach the Delaware River yet and no HT has been built in Pennsylvania, a sign already awaits the arrival of the trail. "Welcome HT" sign in Riegelsville, PA



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