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Hi Daniel:   Thanks for the reply.  I appreciate it! The hike I was thinking of is literally called the Diamond Mountain/Stony Brook Loop.  You wrote the description.  It is 6.3 miles,  You rated it as moderate.  In the description in bold you say that the footbridge was washed away by Hurricane Irene.  I am just wondering if the footbridge has been repaired.  It is the one crossing Pine Meadow Brook just above the Cascade of Slid.  Thanks for writing all of these descriptions.  My friends and I have enjoyed hiking almost all of the hikes listed here!
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The footbridge across Pine Meadow Brook at the Cascade of Slid has not yet been replaced.  However, as indicated in my comment to the hike in question, the brook can safely be crossed on rocks at this point if the water is low (which is probably the case at present).  Moreover, if you find the crossing to be too difficult, you can simply continue along the Pine Meadow Trail, following the south bank of the brook, and then cross the brook at the next bridge, which has been repaired (continuing to follow the red-on-white blazes of the Pine Meadow Trail, which the route of the hike rejoins at this point).  Thus, the hike in question can be done even though the Park has not yet replaced the bridge over Pine Meadow Brook at the Cascade of Slid.
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Are the bridges that need to be crossed during the Diamond Mountain/Stony Brook Loop back in place after being washed out? Thanks!
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If you are talking about this hike, Raccoon Brook Hills Trail/Pine Meadow Lake/Diamond Mountain Loop | New York-New Jersey Trail Conference   the bridges you need to cross are in place, and the hike can be completed as described.
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The Ramapo-Dunderberg trailhead, in form of the usual triple blaze, exists at the Tuxedo train station on a utility pole in the parking lot, close to the train platform. The trail is blazed from there to East Village Road, and along it to Grove Drive, where there is blazing for a left turn, followed by some blazes continuing along the Drive to the trail turnoff into the woods. On return, the blazes have been recently improved, hopefully reducing possible confusion of the left turn from the woods onto Grove Drive.  Also, turn blazes have recently been placed on a utility pole for the right turn from Grove Drive onto East Village Road. 
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Although we are still working on a replacement bridge for the Sterling Ridge / Highlands / Hasenclever trails over the Wanaque River at Long Pond Ironworks, it may be some time before a bridge is in place. A temporary, rocky river crossing has been blazed about one hundred feet upstream from the missing bridge location. In times of low water, this is an easy crossing on large rocks. But it may be un-crossable at times of high water or icy conditions. Check the river crossing conditions in NJ before attempting a one way hike on the Sterling Ridge Trail / Highlands Trail from NY 17A to NJ 511.
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What is the current state of construction on Route 106 between Seven Lakes Drive and Route 17, its been about 4-6 months since i was last in that area, there was a police officer blocking the road at the seven lakes drive/106 circle.  At the other end near 17 the road was blocked but was able to drive around the blockade and reach the parking lots.
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The road closed sign was still up at the Kanawauke circle and a Park Poice cruiser was parked in the group camp driveway by the Kanawauke picnic area, so I didnt venture further.  I have biked through several times this summer and they are doing extensive modifications to the road, drainage, surface, utilities.
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Passing this along, got this message from a member of my hiking group who hiked Jenny Jump this past weekend: "I was hiking with the IHC group yesterday on the Jenny Jump trail and it was pretty bad.   There were a lot of big trees down and the trails were very hard to get thru.   There were also trees down at the top of it.       There may be other  reports sent to the Trail Conf as some of the hikers are trail workers on other trails and were going to let the Trail conference know.
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due to the hardwork of our trail crew and sawyers, they had cleared over 200 trees through Jenny Jump SF including the Jenny Jump Trail.   All trails were clear as of late spring.  Obviously these are new blowdowns and will be addressed as soon as they are able to.  Even though many trees have been cleared in the wake of Sandy, many have also been weakened and will fall over from heavy rains and/or winds.  It is to be expected with the seriousness of Sandy damage.   Just be patient.  For future it's best to fill out a Trail Problem Report form so it will get directly to the proper Trail Chair. 
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With the pipeline work near the Monksville Reservoir, is it still possible to do the loop described here? Part of the hike follows the Highlands Trail, and I'm not able to confirm if this part of the HT is closed or not. Thanks in advance!
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The Stonetown Circular Trail (white with red triangle) and Horse Pond Mountain (white blazes) are not impacted by the pipeline project.   Karen Schoof Volunteer Trails Chair - North Jersey State Parks
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You start from the Tuxdo Station and turn right to the first road that crosses the tracks.  Then you continue on that road until you reach the turn to the right into the woods. I've never seen the triple blaze.  I just know the area.  It may be near the original start over the bridge into the park and then to the left.
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I've hiked from Tuxedo half a dozen times and have yet to see the triple-flash terminus anywhere. I've seen flashes on telephone poles on Grove Rd., but not the three red dots:  
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I believe the trailhead marker is in the train station parking lot
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RD terminus.
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i saw one yesterday in harriman. i tried to post a photo of it. i think now they are more placid.  he was just relaxing  it seemed...
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But now that it's getting chilly at night, keep in mind they'd love to snuggle up with you or in your warm boots.