Highlands Trail Guide

Highlands Trail Guide IntroductionHighlands Trail Guide

The Highlands Trail Guide is your resource for planning hikes on the Highlands Trail. The Highlands Trail Overview map below is zoomable down to a detailed level and can give you an indication of the topography of a section you are planning to hike. You may need to click the map to enable the interactive functions. This GPS route of the trail is for general reference purposes only and should not be used as a complete trail map for areas traversed by the Highlands Trail.

Below the map are detailed individual trail segment descriptions. 

Additional maps will be posted as they become available.
Hike reports, questions, comments, complaints, suggestions are welcomed.
Highlands Trail Chair:  [email protected]    Updated 9/29/19


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New York Sections

East of the Hudson River

Connecticut Border to Fahnestock State Park

 Fahnestock State Park to the Hudson River

West of the Hudson River

Hudson River to Goose Pond Mountain State Park

Goose Pond Mountain State Park to Passaic County 511

New Jersey Sections

 Passaic County 511 to Route 23

 Route 23 to Route 181

 Route 181 to Route 206

 Route 206 to Mine Hill Road

 Mine Hill Road to Schooley's Mountain Park

 Schooley's Mountain Park to Voorhees State Park

 Voorhees State Park to Spruce Run Recreation Area

 Spruce Run Recreation Area to Route 173

 Route 173 to Dennis Road

 Dennis Road to the Delaware River