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Highlands Trail Guide IntroductionHighlands Trail Guide

The Highlands Trail Guide highlights the natural beauty of the New Jersey and New York Highlands region, and draws the public's attention to this endangered resource. It is a cooperative effort of the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference, conservation organizations, state and local governments, and local businesses. It extends over 150 miles from Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River in New York south to Riegelsville, New Jersey, on the Delaware River. The route connects scenic attractions in both states. Ultimately, a network of trails including alternate routes and multi-use paths is envisioned.

The Highlands Trail is a combination of co-alignment on established trails, new trails, and road walking. The co-aligned sections bear both trails' blazes, except for the Appalachian and Allis Trails, which have plastic Highlands Trail logos at critical points. Hikers must pay attention at intersections as the Highlands Trail often leaves one trail to join another. The Highlands Trail blaze is a teal-colored diamond.

  • Camping is not permitted along the Highlands Trail. Thru-hikers must stay at bed-and-breakfast facilities along the route, or at established State Park camp grounds.
  • No fires, horses, bikes, or motorized vehicles are permitted on the Highlands Trail unless specifically allowed by local regulations.
  • The following sections describe the trail from north to south, starting at the New York-Connecticut border and ending at the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border.

HT overview illustration    

The following overview map of the Highlands Trail through New Jersey is an interactive map (you may need to click the map to enable the interactive functions).  You can zoom in for details (+/- on top right) and select trail segments for more information.  You can also click here to view the map full-screen or on mobile devices, where you can also switch the background base map.

This map is for general reference purposes only and should not be used as a complete trail map for areas traversed by the Highlands Trail.

 Click the map to expose the interactive controls, or click here to view a full-screen version of this map.

Additional maps will be posted as they become available.
Hike reports, questions, comments, complaints, suggestions are welcomed.
Highlands Trail Supervisor:  [email protected] 

New York Sections

East of the Hudson River

Connecticut border to Fahnstock State Park

Fahnstock State Park to Hudson River

West of the Hudson River

Hudson River to Goose Pond Mountain State Park

Goose Pond Mountain State Park to Passaic County 511

New Jersey Sections

Passaic County 511 to Route 23

Route 23 to Route 181

Route 181 to Route 206

Route 206 to Mine Hill Road

Mine Hill Road to Schooley's Mountain County Park

Schooley's Mountain Park to Voorhees State Park

Voorhees State Park to Spruce Run Recreation Area

Spruce Run Recreation Area to Route 173

Route 173 to Dennis Road

Unfinished Portions