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Mud? Ice? High water at stream crossings?

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First, I wish to say thanks for reporting the obstructions. As a result, all obstructions on White Bar from its north trail head at the ASB Trail, south to 106, have been cleared. The reported blowdown on the Dunning Trail at Green Pond is indeed large as well as awkward, we decided to not tackle it, though clearing a tree prior to it. It does block the passage, as reported. It could be crawled beneath but a better path is up and over immediately to its right, past the bare roots, presumably the scramble that was noted; either way is over somewhat challenging rock obstructions, but I believe that the up and over, once cleared will be at least as satisfactory as the path now blocked. The maintainer of the trail will be advised to clear that upper passage, and blaze it if practical. The current blaze on the rock is directly between the two, and is ambivalent as to direction, which may suffice once the reroute (of about 6 feet) is established. I am unable to advise you on how to report: I also have no understanding of it, but fortunately it was forwarded to me.
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Thank you for your reply and all the work done to clear the numerous blowdowns I reported on the White Bar trail. Having done some "swamping" for TC chain sawyers in the past, I remember thinking to myself that the blowdown on the Dunning would be quite challenging to clear. It sounds as if you have figured out a good alternative. Thanks again for the good work!
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My friend and I were hiking on Sunday, May 21, for about six hours. We had several ticks appear on our clothing, and both of us found ticks attached when we got home. Fortunately, they were Lone Star ticks and not the black-legged deer ticks, but still -- everyone should be extra vigilant this year, it seems!
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Just a shout-out and big "thank you" to the trail crew that fixed the deteriorating boardwalk. It's a beauty!
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Crew lead by Bryan Blackburn, with help from Fred Stern, Connie Stern, Benny Yoo, Herb Hochberg, and Walt Daniels.

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Anyone been on the trails in bear since the snow last week? Wondering if it is clear(ish)? Thanks for any feedback.
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This boardwalk has several boards that have fallen into the marsh as well as others too rotten to step on safely. Not a problem when the marsh was frozen, but now a misstep on a narrow board puts you ankle deep in muck.
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A grant has been received to fix the puncheon and we are waiting for our lumber supplier to to get the materials we need. Unfortunately, this is taking longer than anticipated. Be assured the puncheon will fixed ASAP
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I've seen mention of a planned loop trail in the vicinity of the old Dicktown Road, in the section of Fahnestock that lies east of the Taconic. There seem to be some flags in place marking a potential route? I live quite close to this area (within walking distance!), and would be happy to help with any needed work.
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I'm so glad the cool weather is knocking down the gnat population- finally!  They've really been bothering me this year.  Maybe, I'm just getting softer.  I actually quit about 5 hikes this year due to this.
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Have you tried hiking with a head net? Lack of bugs is one of the many reasons i prefer hiking in cool/cold weather.
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On today's hike I went to the cliffs above Claudius SMith Den for the view and found that someone had pitched a tent and made a fire ring right on the cliff top.  They left a pan with aluminum foil over it on the fire ring.  I was not sure if this encampment was abandoned or if the "camper" was merely not there at the moment.  I thought I should inform the park police as to this illegal encampment but am posting it here.
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No need to tell the police or even the rangers.  This is fairly common in the park.
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Hiked Bear Mountain to Sloatsburg yesterday (Sept 18), 1777 E Trail, Timp Pass Road, Red Cross Trail, Welch Drive, then roadwalk to Sloatsburg.  The only water source besides the fountains at Lake Welch was Doodletown Brook, it had some standing water in it that didn't look so bad.  Every other stream I saw was dry or had extremely murky standing water.   I don't know when they shut off the water at Lake Welch, I hope they leave it on for a while.  
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I would guess fountains will be shut off Oct 31st, same time ancillary roads are closed, if I'm not mistaken.
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8/28/2016 & 9/17/2016 Hiked this section of the SRT recently.  The new SRT re-route through the center of Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is wonderful.  While partially routed on existing trails through the forest, this newer route or section takes a hiker through denser forested areas.  Trail is well marked and a pleasure to walk.  Shinhollow Rd./RR intersection has a climb under the bridge that is steep and slippery, mostly loose dirt.  Parking is available here but only for two cars at best, at the dead end.  The bridge over the railway can be crossed but is becoming decrepit and you are taking chances if you cross it.  Leaves are starting to turn color slightly, due to drought conditions. If you haven't been to Port Jervis, NY, the NY Metro North Station is worth taking a brief look at.  It looks like they are in the very initial stages of building a railroad museum.  One very neat feature is a fully operational turntable from the 1850's and a few Erie cars & engine (very good condition).  The engine brings back memories from my childhood when Erie engines were still running passenger service in Bergen County, prior to NJ Transit taking over.
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Wow, this is why I stayed away this year.  Question, are the lakes really the water supply for dry years?  If so, how do you crash through to get to that precious water?  Last year I had trouble too and had to nearly go swimming in Lake Askoti just to get any.Instead I had to walk two miles to Lake Tioroti just to get any.
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Last summer I did an overnight backpack of the RD Trail from east to west (to Tuxedo) and the only water soruce then was Lake Toriati, at the midpoint.  I got to it in twilight and I used a Steripen on four bottles, and it was fine.  There was absolutely no need for bleach.  Lake Toriati was the ONLY water source on that trail.  Everything else was dry.  Yes, this is the driest summer in my memory at Harriman.
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I've filtered and treated (with bleach) lake water, it helps to put Tang or something in it to improve the taste.  I recall one dry summer a few years ago when water was scarce, it's about as dry as I've ever seen it up in Harriman now.  
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September 25, 26, and 27th travelled  from Tuxedo to Lake Skenonto and Lake Sebago and back via Victory  and Triangle Trails.  A trickle of water in outlet of Black Ash Swamp, some water running through stream outlet of Lake Skenonto.  As we've had little rain, I reckon things have just gotten worse, water wise.  I was up a week or so earlier and there was plenty of water in Pine Meadow Brook, down by Sloatsburg.  

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