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The Highlands Trail currently extends approximately 180 miles through New Jersey and New York, from the Delaware River in the south to the Hudson River in the north. An extension through Putnam County, New York is a work in progress.

This scenic trail showcases the natural beauty of the local Highlands Region in New Jersey and New York and connects local communities with the incredible recreational opportunities in their own backyards. The Highlands Trail in New York and New Jersey is built and maintained by partnerships between public land managers, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, and people just like you.

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Click here to visit our online Highlands Trail Guide, your key to exploring the Highlands Trail! It now includes new maps in a variety of formats, including Avenza Maps app maps, downloadable PDFs, and an interactive map. View the latest trail alerts and step-by-step directions to plan your next Highlands Trail adventure.
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Highlands Trail Volunteer

Highlands Trail Volunteer

Volunteer for the Highlands Trail

Help keep the Highlands Trail beautiful! Our 2,000-plus volunteers build, maintain, and protect trails and care for natural areas all across the region. Your favorite parks and trails need you!

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