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The Official Guide to The Lenape Trail is your key to exploring the Lenape Trail and the parks through which it traverses. It includes detailed maps and descriptions of points of interest along the trail. You can view and print the full guide below. In addition, you can download a digital Lenape Trail map through the Avenza Maps app for use on your mobile device. You can also view an interactive map online.

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View + Print the Official Guide

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Download the Map on Your Mobile Device

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Plan Your Trip on the Interactive Map

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Each of the seven section maps in the Official Guide to the Lenape Trail is also available as a separate download. So if you would like to download just the maps, or you are just interested in certain maps, click the links below to download. The overview map of the Lenape Trail is also available for separate download below.

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Map 1: Branch Brook to Belleville

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Map 2: Belleville to Brookdale

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Map 3: Brookdale to West Essex Trail

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Map 4: West Essex Trail to Eagle Rock

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Map 5: Eagle Rock to O'Connor

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Map 6: South Mountain (North)

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Map 7: South Mountain (South)

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Volunteer for the Lenape Trail
Help keep the Lenape Trail Beautiful! Our 2,000-plus volunteers build, maintain, and protect trails and care for natural areas all across the region. Your favorite parks and trails need you!

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