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Hello, I've seen conflicting reports online about whether Breakneck Ridge is open for hikers coming from the Metro-North station. Some websites seem to indicate that it closed down on January 1 and that the train is no longer stopping there; however, others have said that they have hiked the trail in January, and I've been on several Metro-North trains that have stopped at the station. Is the trail still accessible to those of us coming off the train, and if so when is it projected to close down and re-open?
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This project has not yet started, so trailheads are open and the Metro-North stops are open as usual.  The latest update is that the project will begin in Spring 2018, assuming construction bids meet the project's requirements and one is selected.

You can keep up on the latest updates at, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for periodic updates.

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I recently bought a pulk on Craigslist and I wanted to break it out this weekend. Can anyone advise if there is any snow on the cross-country trail at Lake Sebago? Thank you.
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Is there snow cover on the ground currently? Snow shoes or microspikes?
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I crossed the park from Suffern to Stony Point on Sunday, and back again to Sloatsburg on Monday, and there's practically no snow on the ground anywhere. Only occasionally did I encounter icy spots on trails, and they were mostly on the unmarked dirt roads like Woodtown and Torne Valley Roads. That could change tonight, however.
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Hi, Jamison. I don't have an answer for you but have the same question, for the area around Reeves Meadow in Sloatsburg. Snow is expected this Tuesday through Wednesday so any conditions will be worsened, in any case. I may just drive up on Friday and check for myself. I worry about the lots to park, as well. Don't want to get stuck.
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Anyone know if the lakes are frozen and walkable? snow cover on the ground? I travel from Long Island so my conditions here are different.
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Got back from Harriman, Suffern to Stony Point and back across the park to Sloatsburg last night, there's virtually no snow on the ground. I passed by Pine Meadow Lake, Winoksink, two of the reservoirs, and Sebago, and the ice looked crummy but four people were ice fishing on Sebago. I'm not guaranteeing or endorsing going on the ice on any of the lakes, but this is what I saw.
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I won't be up there til a week from now, and probably won't be able to tell you much about the lakes walkability. I did find this on nys parks website, ice fishing conditions reports, don't know if the # are current but give em' a try if you want.....Tiorati Beach 845-429-8257 Lake Welch Beach 845-947-2444 Bear Mountain 845-786-2701 I'l post about snow pack on trails when I get back, going up there slackpacking the 7th to the 11th. Across the park and back and probably from Bear Mtn back to Stony Point and some other woodsy wanderings.
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Hi, anybody know how much snow has accumulated on the trails so far this year? Planning a slack-packing trip soon, want to be ready for whatever's up there. Thanks !! (I'll post a report on what I encountered when I get back).
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As seen in my replies to others, at this time there is virtually no snow on the ground in Harriman, at least on the trails I was on between Suffern, Stony Point, and Sloatsburg.
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I hiked the LP from Arden Valley Road to the intersection with the ASB today, 11/21/17. In the mile between meeting the AT and meeting the ASB, there were two major trees across the trail. They will need chainsaws.
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Does anyone know if Rte 109 in Harriman is closed, or will be closed this winter? Also is the Sebago boat launch area available for overnight parking? Thanks.
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This question was passed to me because I am quite familiar with Harriman Park. However I do not have totally solid answers to some of the items here. Route 106, also now known as Kanawauke Road, west of 7-Lakes Drive is now a Park road. As such it is expected to be closed December one to April one, conditions allowing. Route 106 east of 7-Lakes Drive is a Rockland County Road and is typically not closed. (There is a minor exception to this description of road ownerships but not germane to the issue here.) Park rules are that there is no overnight parking. A related rule is that park users must be at their destination by dark (or sundown?). This means that if authorities see people departing into the woods in or near darkness such folks will be challenged. It is possible that there may be overnight parking exceptions. To request permission contact the New York State Park Police at Bear Mountain, 845-786-2781. Now purely speculating, one's success could depend on whether he/she can be convincing that they know what they are doing, have maps, flashlights, appropriate equipment and experience. The planned destination would surely need to be known. Camping is allowed only at the official shelters as defined on the Trail Conference trail maps. If the shelters are full, camping is allowed in the immediate vicinity.
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My earlier posting was in error wherein I stated that park rules do not allow overnight parking. I checked with the park police today to confirm, contrary to my earlier statement, that overnight parking is allowed in the hikers parking lots. The police advised that if planning an overnight parking the park police should be called and informed. Repeating: New York State Park Police 845-786-2781. The Sebago Boat Launch parking area is considered hikers parking.
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Also got "denied access" on the problems link. There were a number of trees down across the trail on the ridge trail. I counted 5 trees with trail blazes down on the trail. The most problematic was the western intersection of the ridge trail with the new red trail from the parking area on Cox road. The tree with the red marker was gone so it was difficult to see that this was the place to change trails. West of this intersection on the Ridge Trail, there were many trees down - almost continuous about .3 miles west (in between 2 old stone walls) to the extent that I had to turn around because it was full of thorns going around the trees. Feel free to contact me for more info. [email protected]
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I tried to report the following matter by using the "problem report form" and/or "go here" links up above but was denied access. So whomever is in charge of these links may want to check that out. There is a very large blow down that is probably quite difficult for less flexible hikers to climb over on the White Bar trail close to its junction with the A-SB/Long Path trail. Walking southward from this blow down there are 3-4 more blow downs on the white bar trail but those are not as large as the one near the trail junction. There is also a large blow down on the Dunning trail as you loop around Green Pond. This fallen tree is wedged awkardly into a narrow part of the trail (rock outcrop) that requires a very quick scramble. This blow down can present a challenge to the less experienced/flexible hiker and makes the scramble a bit dangerous. Thanks in advance to the volunteers/maintainers who will take care of these fallen trees.
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First, I wish to say thanks for reporting the obstructions. As a result, all obstructions on White Bar from its north trail head at the ASB Trail, south to 106, have been cleared. The reported blowdown on the Dunning Trail at Green Pond is indeed large as well as awkward, we decided to not tackle it, though clearing a tree prior to it. It does block the passage, as reported. It could be crawled beneath but a better path is up and over immediately to its right, past the bare roots, presumably the scramble that was noted; either way is over somewhat challenging rock obstructions, but I believe that the up and over, once cleared will be at least as satisfactory as the path now blocked. The maintainer of the trail will be advised to clear that upper passage, and blaze it if practical. The current blaze on the rock is directly between the two, and is ambivalent as to direction, which may suffice once the reroute (of about 6 feet) is established. I am unable to advise you on how to report: I also have no understanding of it, but fortunately it was forwarded to me.
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Thank you for your reply and all the work done to clear the numerous blowdowns I reported on the White Bar trail. Having done some "swamping" for TC chain sawyers in the past, I remember thinking to myself that the blowdown on the Dunning would be quite challenging to clear. It sounds as if you have figured out a good alternative. Thanks again for the good work!
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My friend and I were hiking on Sunday, May 21, for about six hours. We had several ticks appear on our clothing, and both of us found ticks attached when we got home. Fortunately, they were Lone Star ticks and not the black-legged deer ticks, but still -- everyone should be extra vigilant this year, it seems!